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Over 10,000 people have dodgeballed with Dodgeball UK since its inception one afternoon, probably a Tuesday, back in 2009. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, dodging the obstacles (and wrenches!) that inevitably occur with any venture.

Today, Dodgeball UK run a variety of leagues, tournaments, corporate sessions, stag and hen parties, singles events and much more, all around the UK.

Dodgeball UK’s main office is in London but events are by no means restricted to the capital. Dodgeball UK organise leagues, tourneys and private sessions all over the country as far and wide as Leeds, Cardiff, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cornwall, Nottingham, Edinburgh and other marvellous areas. If you want to play dodgeball, wherever you are, Dodgeball UK will arrange it for you.

Dodgeball UK has also seen some of the most artistic, silly and inventive team ‘kits’, as well as some ludicrous team names. We’ve even had a few couples meet at Dodgeball UK, we just hope they don’t hold that against us in future!

Dodgeball UK was founded by Andy Stedman after he saw the film and fancied throwing balls at his mates. Both of them. Nobody else was organising decent dodgeball events so he decided to start them himself – the dragons would be proud (well maybe not Deborah, she’s scary!) Dodgeball UK has grown steadily with 8 full time staff and numerous regular hosts/refs who do a grand job of making sure everyone has a great time, within the rules of course…

The premise behind Dodgeball UK is that you have the opportunity to do something different that is very sociable and that anyone can play. Everyone starts on a level playing field (all beginners!) and everyone can enjoy the game – younger/older, larger/smaller, faster/slower – you get the drift. All we ask is that you bring your sense of humour.

Over the last couple of years Dodgeball UK has had some prestigious clients, as well as the varied and officially fun individuals who come and play in our leagues with their friends each week. We have so far expanded throughout the UK and also, very excitingly, we have started Dodgeball SA (South Africa) in partnership with our friends down there.

So what are you waiting for – get involved and tell your mates. See you at an event soon!

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and…DRINK!

Our over-riding ethos is that we want everyone to get involved and play.

Dodgeball is a sport that anyone can have a go at, and we provide an inclusive and ridiculously fun atmosphere for that to happen. As well as the dodgeball itself we encourage socialising before, during and after events. Genuine lasting friendships have been made at Dodgeball UK events, and although we haven’t had a dodgeball wedding yet it’s still early days! Dodgeball is also a game where honesty and honour are vital. With 6 balls in play, it is hard for referees to make correct decisions every time. We’re proud that our events are generally played in a spirit of fairness, and that anyone seen to be cheating gets roundly booed! Most of our events are mixed and we love it that way.

What other sport can you genuinely play with all your friends and it still be competitive? We have a couple of rules to help make the female players’ more influential in the games, and these are meant to be helpful and not sexist! We also have male and female refs.

Everyone can play dodgeball. Unlike traditional sports where you have a pre-conceived idea of your standard, everybody starts on a level playing field. It’s very social and extremely addictive, as well as great for fitness.

You can play if you are male/female, tall/short, older/younger, skinny/un-skinny, good hair/bad hair. Yes, we even welcome people with terrible hair… Dodgeball is a non-contact sport where players throw balls at opposition on the other side of the pitch. Because it is non-contact, all sorts of people can play in the same match as each other.

Some will be good at throwing, some good at catching, some great dodgers (or a combo of these). Some will not be much cop at any! Some of you will throw yourselves around, others are more economical with their energy – but you can all play. Dodgeball UK run a variety of dodgeball events so there’s bound to be one that suits what you’re looking for.

How Dodgeball Works

Dodgeball is usually 6-a-side with a minimum of 2 female players on the team. We also run single-sex events and of course stag and hen do’s.

There are 6 balls, 2 of them are smaller which only the female players can throw. This helps create a level playing field where guys and girls can truly compete against each other. If you hit someone with a throw, they are out. If they hit you, you are out. If you catch a throw you get a player back in and the thrower is out – a double swing! Head shots don’t count, and there are certain penalties for this.

Each set is normally around 2.5 minutes long, and the team with the most players left at this time wins the set (if they haven’t got their opponents out already) We have fun variations of the above depending on the event, and we can tailor the format to fit your needs. For a full set of rules go to our rules page.




We also offer zorb football ay major cities across the UK through our sister company Big Silly.

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